Trust the past to God’s mercy, the present to God’s love and the
future to God’s providence.

      — St. Augustine of Hippo

Nice, St. Augustine!  Good stuff…I’m feeling a little better about the warehouse circumstances today.  There are some uncertainties and confusion right now (too much to go into detail about) among the team, but its being worked out.  I had a good meeting with Mjr. Mikles this morning and now I have a “project” to work on this week. My creative juices get to flow, man!

Question for you all (whoever you is or are…err..whatever):

Close your eyes, imagine you are walking into a bohemian, artsy, edgy, cool coffee house.  What do you see decor and people-wise? What kind of seating would you choose? What kind of coffee drinks would you want to see on the menu? What non-coffee drinks would you like? What kind of music to you hear playing in the background? Anything else interesting you notice?

Please feel free to write whatever comes to mind!  This is going to help me a lot!!! Peace…

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  1. Isaiah40Z31 says:

    he he he…..I think my day just went out the window with you asking me this question….I have wanted to open up a club/coffehouse for a while now. If you have a World Market they have some really awesome furniture and decor. Jazz, instrumental, light 80’s music or relaxing light techno (you know the stuff that people wind down to after clubbing for hours on end) As for Decor, things like picasso, van gogh, or Rembrant. Gotta have espresso, cappuccino’s, and latte’s with flavorings for the latte’s, and tea’s and chai. Very soft lighting, possibly a stage for live musicians to come in and play. Couches or nice soft furniture for people to relax in. I would personally go more towards an industrial look with an artsy twist, but thats just me. Let me know if there is anything else you need (I was my mother’s “personal assistant” when it came to helping decorate our old house).


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