Question for you all (whoever you is or are…err..whatever):

Close your eyes, imagine you are walking into a bohemian, artsy, edgy, cool coffee house.  What do you see decor and people-wise? What kind of seating would you choose? What kind of coffee drinks would you want to see on the menu? What non-coffee drinks would you like? What kind of music to you hear playing in the background? Anything else interesting you notice?

Please feel free to write whatever comes to mind!  This is going to help me a lot!!!


Deep thoughts (I guess)…

A fellow Xanga-er (lol) had some cool things to write about today and I already told him I’m stealing some of it.

Faith isn’t just believing in things hoped for, but it is waiting expectantly on the things God has already promised.

Whenever we take on a God-sized challenge, self-sufficiency is no longer an option.
 ~ Erwin Raphael McManus

I’m sitting here in my office just wanting to yell out, “Heck freakin yea!” at these awesome thoughts! I am in the midst of a God-sized challenge. My life revolves around this warehouse project – I dream about it, I pray continually over it, its practically in my every thought, I talk about it at least in 85% of my conversations…something THIS HUGE, I cannot do on my own.  Yes there needs to be those people around me who catch the vision and have a heart cry for the lost people in Ybor City…but they cannot do it in their own strength.  We, as a group, though stronger in number and prayers, cannot do it in our own strength.

God’s strength is the only way we are going to pull and push through the obstacles, the joyful and the frustrating times and the “what the heck are we doing here?” moments.

Honestly, realizing how, time and time again, I try to do things in God’s strength, I realize its just me trying to do it again thinking I’m allowing God to take hold.  I’m dealing with that now. It sucks and, most of the time, seems so unattainable…to be able to sacrifice my self-sufficiency…even when I know I suck and am weak on my own!  LOL…oh but we do wait in expectancy because God has walked before us and prepared the way!!!!!!  Man…to REALLY think about that…

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    I leave the drinks up to you because I’m NOT a coffee drinker – at all – ever!  I don’t even like the smell of it.  But I agree a lot with what Jen said about the looks.  People will determine of a lot that so I’d expect some natural evolution in that area.  Sorry, but I can’t escape how we did Soul Dance (I miss that sooooo much).  It was best described as eclectic.  ALL furnishings were CI’s.  (come-ins)  Before we left we’d put in a Tiki Bar at one end.  We had a couple of foos-ball tables, pool table and bumper pool.  The foos-ball was very popular! Friday nights were foos-ball nights.  My husband built a stage and we set small tables with 2 – 3 chairs around the edge of the stage.  They had 70’s style votives on them.  Some sofas and stuffed chairs were around with coffee tables and again, lots of candles.  I actually glued a monopoly board and cards on one to camoflauge scratches in the surface.  Another we covered with 50′-60’s record covers – it looked great if I say so myself. We also had board games and books around..tried to make little corners framed by bookshelves for those that preferred a quieter setting.  So that’s all that comes to mind.  I don’t have a “feel” for your setting so it’s really hard to say. 


  2. Hey Kim,
    My thinking on decorating follows Jen’s somewhat.  Things known as “bohmeian, artsy, edgy, cool coffeehouse” will not be the same things known as “bohemian, artsy, edgy, cool coffeehouse” next year or maybe even next semester.  The last thing I think an establishment wants to do is decorate their place “edgy” and then realize that they need to change things in a short period of time just to try to remain edgy.  So, in my answer to your question, I’m dropping the “bohemian, artsy, edgy” part.
    What I think of as a cool coffeehouse would actually not be a “coffeehouse” at all.  It would simply be a comfortable place with minimal, comfortable, classic decorations and furniture arrangements.  Furniture that captures comfort first and look second arranged in ways that encourage conversation and not seculsion–thrift store stuff is just fine.  As far as people go, I see people who are not trying to be “bohmeian, artsy, edgy or cool” but are rather just comfortable enough to be themselves, even if they are bohemian, artsy, edgy and completely uncool.
    Unsurprisingly, I would choose an minimal drinks menu.  Coffee (if you like that sort of thing), hot chocolate, sodas (maybe in bottles rather than cans if you want to be bohemian, artsy and edgy), water (lots of that).  You can always put out a suggestions box once you get people coming, which they will do if they feel comfortable and accepted and they don’t feel like they have to be hip to be there.  As far as music goes, I would work myself to death to get local live acts in because they are always more interesting, enjoyable and. . .they bring fans with them, especially if they have nowhere else to play.  Along those lines, I would center the establishment around those kinds of local arts, not limited solely to music and I would develop a “performer agreement” so there are no misunderstandings.  (Soul Dance has one, I can send it if you want.)  I definitely see “good lighting” as a must-have in this place I’m picturing.  Good lighting can make or break a room and make up for any non-bohemian, non-artsy, edgeless, uncool things you have.  Art is on the walls (and appropriate other places) from the afore mentioned local artists.  The art is grouped and has little prices on it, just in case you need to take something bohemian, artsy, edgy and cool (or not) home with you.  Don’t worry about losing all your art that way. . .that’s one sure way to get artists to put more up!
    I see dark walls because the lighting will be more dramatic that way and I see a stage.  Oh, and I see lots and lots and lots of very different people there.  Hope that helps.


  3. JenMusic says:

    I think the problem with this image is that I don’t go to (or feel super-comfortable in) places that are “bohemian, artsy, edgy, or cool.” I would rather it be described by adjectives like warm, welcoming, friendly, and personable. Like Cheers, basically.
    So, you may be saying I’ve missed the point, but not entirely. My point is that it doesn’t really matter what it looks like – once people are there. Because people will determine the vibe of a place much more than the decorations.
    But, since I know you what a real answer – I would love to have books laying around, waiting to be read (old, new, classics, Dr. Seuss, whatever). Board games and cards on a shelf to be played. Tables and chairs that are totally comfortable for journaling/drawing/writing/studying, but also comfy couches and chairs for sitting with friends and talking.
    As far as food and drink go, I love just coffee, so I can’t really help you there. OK, desserts are wonderful, but no pressure!
    Man, I really wish I could see this thing when it starts. Can I put off coming back to China???


  4. Anonymous says:

    Round tables…
    I dont drink coffee I like hot chocolate.
    I notice that crazy cool pictures on the wall…not distinct images are not coming to my mind..I’m imagining remember.
    We must spend time together, it is oh so imperative.


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