Happy Friday!

Today’s an interesting day! Major White (who is one of my THQ bosses) is coming into town to check out how I’m doing in my SAMS position.  The “EEK!” factor in all this is that both Mjr. Mikles and I kinda forgot about this visit.  Luckily (and only by God’s mercy) through talking to Ben yesterday afternoon did I just happen to remember Mjr. White was coming down soon.  LOL…kinda freaked me out when I realized it is today!  So…that’s a prayer request.

Also, I just called over to Youth for Christ to see if I could bring Mjr. White over this afternoon and found out Bill was on the phone with Tom Schilling. The beginning of the conversation didn’t seem to be going well, but when I called, it sounded like it was getting better!  So, I don’t know the out come, but I will keep on praying!

Instead of worrying, PRAY!

More later…if I get a chance to write!  Peace…

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