Warehouse Day…was only there for a few hours today, but still eventful.

Mainly…Bill has put together the closest draft so far to our final business proposal we will be presenting to the warehouse’s owner in the next week or so.  Wow…I sat down and read all 8 pages of it and I’m impressed!  It comprises much of what we have learned and researched over these crazy past month or so.

Wow Wow Wow….my head just spins in thoughts of what will begin to happen once Tom and Linda see this is a God thing and jump on board! There are no words at all to describe this feeling of being at the threshold of something so huge and anticipating the life-altering experiences that are about to take place!

                   God is SOO preparing Ybor City for His glory!

While we had prayer time this morning, God really laid it on my heart to pray for Him to help us see any of the kinks and discrepancies that have come and will come due to our human nature. The realization hits me that, once I pray something like that with my heart, God is going to call me on it….again and again!

So, I just hope WE are ready. I hope WE are ready for all the mistakes and craziness that will take place, and also those moments of utter joy and peace that will come when someone begins to understand God’s love and care for them.  We, meaning not only the few that have been on this journey together so far, but we as in all those this ministry is touching – from passerbys in Ybor City, my prayer partners, to that person 5 years down the road that walks in the door to get some coffee!

God prepare everyone’s hearts that are heading off to Youth Councils tomorrow.  Help us to have an awesome time together and with You.  Please help this generation of teens and young adults see that we are who has to change this world…hey, who knows? It could start this weekend! Amen.


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