Its Friday…that’s very exciting, but not because my weekend will not include to much chill time. L


Warehouse Info:

Here goes it…yesterday was a good day for a number of reasons. I shall make a list:

1)       Met Ben, Dave and Sarah at Grace Family Church to meet with Pastor Dean Wild.  He is the College Pastor and very much played a central role in creating their amazing youth ministry facilities.  Their “warehouse” is called Oneighty (and yes, it is a branch off of the Oneighty in Tulsa, OK that I posted a link to the other day).  We were able to take a tour with him, listen to the great and the not so great things about their building design, schedule, their history, contacts…A lot of helpful information and a new friend!

2)       The four of us went to Panera Bread after. I pulled in the parking lot, went to get my wallet and realized I had left it at home!  Gee wiz.  Well, thank God Dave was willing to buy me a wonderful bread bowl of broccoli cheddar!  Heck yea man! We talked a little more about things discussed at Grace…and just got to hang out with friends! Cool!

3)       After trekking back to my apartment with no gas and then reluctantly using my credit card to refuel, I made my way over to Ybor.  This is where the news is cool and oh so GOD!

There was an article in the Tampa Tribune this past Sunday called Seizing the Day. It went into depth about how the local government wants to revitalized Ybor City and make it not only popular for its nightlife, but also during the day time.

Perfect timing for what we are planning…God is definitely behind all this!  Bill even spoke to the reporter that wrote the article, got more details and contacts, and get the word out in the press world.

No one can tell me that this was not prompting from Lord!


So yesterday was filled with God’s blessings.  Even last night had some great conversations…I don’t know if you read this Lee, but your thanks means the world to me!  I can’t even tell ya!


This is happening guys!  The Salvation Army has a permanent address in Ybor City!!

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    I think that a year from now you’ll look back and think, wow!  God has done more than you ever imagined or thought possible in just one year.  I know he will because he already is!


  2. Anonymous says:

    ha i like that pic of you!
    Yea i dont remember pepsi tasting like that, it was gross. i had to throw it out, blah. I wish my sleep was catching up with me, I think im turning into an insomnic and then I’ll just crash days later.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Glad things are working out for you and all that warehouse stuff.


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