Did anyone see the amazing display God was putting on with the moon through the 11 o’clock hour last night?  WOW…what a fitting way to end my quiet time with Him. And yes, I have quoted this lyric a number of times before, but I really sensed this last night and still today….

                    Your Love is teaching me how to kneel. ::U2::


Question of the day (cause I was thinking about this on my car ride home from work last night):

If you could only have 5 albums to listen to for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

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  1. Isaiah40Z31 says:

    Awesome… I may just have to get one. I haven’t read any of those books simply because I am an engineering student and don’t have much time to read outside of my daily devo’s. I have been waiting to get through a couple of Erwin McManus’ books, but it may be summer till I am really able to get into them.


  2. RageBeFire says:

    Only five? Aw, geez. That’s a tough one…
    I guess I would have to (in random order) go with:
    1) Best of Pink Floyd
    2) Best of The Clash
    3) Best of Chicago
    4) Best of Relient K (which is a CD I made with all my favorite Relient K songs)
    5) Billey Joel’s Greatest Hits (Four Volume set)
    So there you go. I cheated. Get over it. There are about 20 songs or more on each of those CDs. Each lasting over an hour. I win.


  3. hudsondmc says:

    You ask the really hard questions.  I’m not sure about what albums but I can think of a few artists I’d have with me: Van Morrison, Carole King, U2, Charlie Peacock…hmmm how could I limit this to 5?


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