**Can I just tell you that I would love to get rid of those annoying ads at the top of the Xanga pages, but I’m definitely not willing to fork over any cash for that to happen!  Just thought I’d tell you that!**

Anyhoo…here is an update on the warehouse:

Research research research…that’s been what’s really the bulk of my work for the past few weeks. We’re getting close to the end of this stage though because we are working up the business plan next week.  We are presenting the plan to the owners of the warehouse to get their approval and any pointers. That is our main focus right now.

God is blessing all of this research too.  There has been discouragement (as I’ve written before) looking for college ministries within the Salvation Army, but hope is restored when I think of how many ministries are prospering within the Church as a whole.  Here are a few we are in contact with at the moment:




[Disclaimer: what they have is not going to be exactly what we will have because of the different demographics in each area, but these give us a clue into what is relevant within the teen culture and young adult culture today]

Its been really exciting to find out about the ministry that is happening around the country.  It’s encouraging to meet people that are also passionate about bringing Christ to a dying and lost world of teens and young adults! I lift each one of them up in prayer, knowing that we are connected to them in our mission to make God’s love and care real and tangible. Amen and Amen!

So, that leads in to asking for prayer for tomorrow. A group of us are heading over to Grace Family Church on Van Dyke for a visit with Pastor Dean. They have an amazing youth ministry, and we want to build a relationship with them and kinda pick their brains. Fun stuff…

Thank you’s:

Debby – thank you so much for your email.  I will definitely email you back by Friday! 

Ted – thank you for your email about Soul Dance. I love knowing that its still going on, and I will definitely be in prayer for the “depth” of the college ministries in Gainesville! 

Yes I’m going to thank God right here…He is the Creator of All and Lover of my underserving soul!

Jen…not really a thank you, but more of a note to let you know you and I will be talking about covenants when you come and hang out at my place this summer!

Peace and happy thoughts to you all….

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