Happy Monday…it was absolutely a beautiful weekend weather-wise!  Oh I wish Florida was like that all the time!

Overall the weekend was nice…I watched a few good movies (Alfie is good stuff…Jude Law doesn’t look too shabby either!), got some very needed erands completed, called an old friend from high school (haven’t spoken in 6 years!) and planned to have lunch soon, went to see my financial coach at Grace Family and it was so great (I even stayed for church after), church was really good even though I was so flippin tired! I did the devotional for the contemporary service…it was on discipline.  I felt convicted about it myself so why not talk about it!

Cool stuff…tonight I’m going to Lee and Chris’s concert at Florida Southern…I’m excited cause I haven’t seen the new band play before and I get to see Elin!  Lee doesn’t know I’m coming so it’ll be fun.

Hope today is going wonderfully…peace!

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