Latest on Terry Shiavo Case (as of 12:55 p.m.)

A judge stepping in for the absent Pinelles-Pasco Circuit Court Judge George Greer made the decision to block the removal of Schiavo’s feeding tube minutes before the scheduled 1 p.m. removal time.

A U.S. Senate committee is requesting Schiavo, her husband Michael and doctors involved appear before them March 28.

House of Representatives’ subpoenas have been issued at Schiavo’s hospice ordering hospice administrators not to remove her feeding tube until an investigation is complete. U.S. federal marshals are expected to appear at the Woodside Hospice Center today to enforce the subpoenas.

The subpoenas provide legal protection to the people they are issued to, meaning nothing can be done to cause harm or result in the death of that person or prevent them from showing up to testify in front of the U.S. Congress.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not quite sure what I think of this case, either. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a body that didn’t function when I could be at home in Heaven. But I don’t know what the spiritual situation is there. I guess all we can do is pray for God’s will to be done!RYC: The Cleveland U2 concert is Saturday, Dec. 10, which seems like forever away. But the tickets done officially go on sale till tomorrow. There’s still time for some shows, I’m sure! 🙂


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