It truly is amazing how God is shaping the path of this ministry, while also sensitizing me to the parts of my personal walk that are not up to par.

I obviously didn’t realize that this was going to be a package deal when I took on with this job, but God works in ways unimaginable to me.

I’ve been dreading tomorrow evening at 5:30.   I still am but I’m trying to give it to God every second.  I’m getting control of my finances tomorrow. I’m allowing myself to be laid out basically naked…and it freaks me out.  Do you realize how private our money matters are?  Yea we all join in the chorus of “oh yea, you think you have no money? Well check this out.”  and “I’m a college student…you think I have money?” But not until we have to face the fact that we really have no clue how to be responsible with money (or other parts of our lives), can we allow ourselves to get some help.  Even if its just asking a friend who’s good at balancing their checkbook (I thank Jen for being good at that…it gave me something to strive for.  I started balancing last year and it feels good to do that now!).  Ask.

So, pray for me tomorrow night, if you remember.  This kinda goes along with the whole finding someone thing.  If I want to find somebody with high qualities, I need to strive to have those qualities too.  Here is one more.

Have a good weekend…say hi to a stranger at Wal-Mart and tell someone you love them.

Peace Out Yo!


Schiavo feeding tube reported removed

Senate, House Republican leaders had tried to intervene

NBC, MSNBC and news services

Updated: 3:25 p.m. ET March 18, 2005

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