The national onsale for U2’s thirty-three fall dates began last week. Tickets for their November 16th concert at the St. Pete Times Forum went on sale this past Saturday at 10am and sold out within 28 minutes!  U2//Vertigo//2005 has shattered sales records throughout Europe and North America.


Dear Lord…WOW!  I guess I really am dumb to think I could wait until Monday to buy tickets!  DRATS!

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  1. joyrie says:

    You think 28 minutes is bad?  They sold out in 10 over the internet here.  I was so disappointed.  I had tickets for seats in the lower level and I turned them down because I wanted general admission/floor tickets and by then EVERYTHING was gone.  Ugh!
    At least you weren’t that close to seeing Bono playing, “I still haven’t found what I”m looking for” and singing along at the top of your lungs.  Oh what I would give.
    Have a good day! me


  2. i can’t do lunchfriday , I will be at the zooo…….so we have to make a time some other time I feel like wehaven’t talked forever….love ya


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