Crazy weird day…going to pick my mom up from work (she’s having to answer phones this week at Clw Corps).  Its always kinda strange to go back to Clearwater…I loved it, but it had its ups and downs.  I appreciate it so much more now.

Anyhoo…pray for my friend Crystal. She’s being fired from her job today and I know her life is pretty crazy right now! Pray for Joy (and I, only cause I’m helping) to really figure out how to connect all the college ministries within the territory, pray for the warehouse (as usual), and pray for my friends Greg and Sarah as they search to find the path God has for them.

“Friends dreaming together – that is, for me, the dream in itself.” – Pete Greig

I’ll be down at the warehouse tomorrow…Rock on!

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  1. bobbymiga says:

    hey… i’m on xanga!!!
    comment and stuff!
    love ya, bobby.


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