An Encouragement for Prayer – Colossians 4:2-6 NLT

   Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart. Don’t forget to pray for us, too, that God will give us many opportunities to preach about his secret plan–that Christ is also for you Gentiles. That is why I am here in chains. Pray that I will proclaim this message as clearly as I should.

    Live wisely among those who are not Christians, and make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious and effective so that you will have the right answer for everyone.


I know this may sound ridiculously ignorant of me, but can I tell you the wealth of information, experience and instruction REALLY IS in the Word!!  I don’t mean to say this in a dumb fashion, I mean this in the fact that soooo many of us choose to ignore the incessant instruction from pastors, Sunday School teachers, mentors, elders to get into the Word.  I am choosing to FINALLY take them up on their advice (not that I haven’t already been in the Word, but on a day to day basis now). I pray that you will do the same!  Does anyone want to join me?

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    books on leadership…so many.  since you’re reading Nehemiah have you seen the little study book for it called Hand Me Another Brick?  It’s been around awhile, written by Charles Swimdoll but is a study of Nehemiah..I think.  I’ll check.  Leonard Sweet writes a lot about leadership but I have a hard time finishing his books because they seem to get repetitive to me.  If you can find that In the Name of Jesus I highly recommend it because it’s NOT a how to do book but a how to BE book.  Deals a lot more with the internal self than external leadership.  Check into Leonard Sweet.  I’ll check the titles I have by him and let you know.


  2. ohhh sold out ?!?! Yes Kim let me know, I will be highly dissapointed if miss Clarkson is sold out
    And I will join you ! I havn’t been doing so hot with reading my bible DAILY…I need to work on that one big time.


  3. Anonymous says:



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