Oh what a weekend!

I’ll write more about it later!


This is so cool….and shows how awesome David Crowder Band is…I wrote this on their Guestbook at davidcrowderband.com

Kim [Email]
Holy Cow…lol…I just bought the new book and remix cd yesterday. The CD is AWESOME! I love how you are so experimental with your sound! That’s why I have always enjoyed Jars of Clay…and now you guys! Praise God for artists that are daring enough to not fit into a category! Thanks and you guys rock!

March 2, 2005 8:57 AM

I just received this email back yesterday!

hey kim.  thanks for the kind words.  it has definitely been nice to hear those songs in a different way.  i would like to say that you rock as well!  hope to see you soon.

jason solley

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