Tis Monday…not gonna write much, but I have to comment on the Oscars!

Great…loved it.  I loved all the changes they made, but did feel bad for those who didn’t even get to go on stage to accept their award.  I think Chris Rock did well with doing his comedy yet making it a little classier.  The most beautiful women there: Emma Rossum #1 all the way!!!! Drew Barimore, Hillary Swank, Beyonce when she was on the red carpet and Kate Winslett.  I’m so glad for Jamie Foxx, but my favorite moment…you guessed it: Mr. Groban getting to sing at the Oscars on his 24th! 

Anyway…had a good weekend…nothing big, but I did get to hang out with some friends that I don’t get to usually.  I can’t believe that this next weekend is here already!  Its gonna be a great weekend and I want to help Anita have a beautiful wedding…even if that means staying up and doing flowers until the wee hours of the night!

I was really taken again by the lyrics from David Crowder that I have up in my heading…I know I’m standing on the edge of something so large that I can’t contain myself…I don’t want to contain myself because, if I did, then noone would get to sense, see or hear the God blessings that are happening all over the place. I want to be consumed…I have felt that all consuming power and its absolutely amazing.  Thank You and Praise You for Your unending love!

BTW…changing up the look of my Xanga..we’ll see how it turns out! Peace…

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  1. Mamarfr says:

    I was half snoozing during the Oscars – I had a bad headache – still do actually, Anyway, I woke up when I heard Josh Groban start singing.  He is so good! 


  2. Anonymous says:

    oh i love that movie so so much. Not that I completely get it…but kinda do. Weekend was alright, hope yours was. I’ll be sure you catch this weekend…you will be one of a handful wearing lilac right?


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