Thank you Joy and Debby!

I did not go to work today cause I just felt crappy…and still have what seems to be a mild migraine. Last night was awesome…more God stuff….or Jesus junk as Anera would call it.

My new friends from YFC, Sarah and Greg, and I met together at the warehouse. We talked for a good portion of the evening, but we also has an amazing time of prayer. The crazy thing about me meeting Sarah last week at the YFC rally is that I found out she and Dave Haupt were good friends in HS and I was able to have them reunite.  Since they are both very much on board with this warehouse, we will all get to be hanging out more. God’s pretty cool…ya know? 

I hope you know that! Every single day God is blessing our socks off…we just have to have the focus and the eyes to see it!

Have a good weekend and God bless ya!

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