Thursday Night @ the Warehouse at 7:30

F.Y.I.: Tonight we will still be praying, but the warehouse will not be open.  We will still be meeting in the parking lot and probably go over to Starbucks at Centro Ybor to chat and pray!


I don’t know what to write and if I will make any sense cause my brain and my nerves are FRIED! Here’s tryin…..

I stood in front of a number of high powered and wealthy people today and spoke my heart. It was totally surreal for me because, honetly, this was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Why? Because of the depth of what I was talking about….because of the lives that may not ever be touched by God if the board didn’t approve…because of all the opportunities a place like we’ve dreamed up can provide for so many people…because Ybor City needs Christ….because this is all I am right now.

It went well…great actually.  Major Mikles and I tag-teamed the presentation and the questions after. The questions mostly consisted of liability issues and  money money money….Mjr. handled that part mostly.  Three cool things came out of this meeting: 1) Obviously the board approved the go ahead on this project. 2) I met a number of interesting people with connections within the local government and business world 3) The chairperson required 2 or 3 volunteers from the board to step up and help with the business aspect.  Two very high powered men (Fred and Bryan) said they would help out…one even startd the ball rolling the moment he walked out the door cause he had a few free hours!  Wow!

Success…it was scary, but I knew the whole time that God was in the room, God was moving and He spoke. Thank you God for always coming through!

My brain is fried…I’m going home for a bit and then making my way to Ybor to pray.  That’s fun to say cause you’d never expect it. Because I want to, I’m going to use the Cheryl/Lacey way of going thru my day now…(Thnks guys!)

Highs:  Phone call from Kathy…Encouraging words and a united spirit.

Phone call from Mr. Tanner…lol…he’s doing jury duty today and wanted to tell me.  That’s pretty funny…

Email from Ms. Jen….funny how China is home…but my apartment and your chase will be home again in a few months!!!!

Getting through the board meeting and NOT fumbling through my presentation

Being able to talk to Sherri after the meeting

Finding out a local Starbucks is donating one coffee machine to the corps and one to the warehouse!!!!  Yes, one of those machines that grinds the coffee and makes the coffee…right into your little cup!!!!  Starbucks! 

Lows:  The fear that overwhelmed me when I saw all the board members(and a lot of them weren’t even there)

Wearing my uniform that is just too tight and the skirt is too short.


That’s that…God Blss and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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  1. joyrie says:

    I knew it!  I just knew it! I knew you never had anything to worry about.  I knew God would come through and that before you ever walked into that building he had come through and that He has come through in the days ahead with the obstacles that you can’t even imagine right now….go figure.  This is His story, His plan, His building, His Back Door, His hopes, His dreams, His love. He just lets you be a part of it.  How cool is that? 
    Love you! Joy


  2. hudsondmc says:

    did some specific praying for you last night and today at 11 since it was noon where you live 🙂  then anxiously waited for you to post the outcome so THANK YOU GOD!


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