I can’t believe it is already the middle of the week!

A couple of big things are taking place in the next few days…

1) I am meeting with Major Mikles this afternoon to put together our presentation of the warehouse for the Advisory Board meeting tomorrow. Yes, advisory boards scare me a bit…especially because, I know they’re on board (heehee) when it comes to our social services, but spiritually I do not know where they lie.  I don’t…Mjr. might, but I don’t.  I could talk about my (our) vision and dreams till the sun goes down, but will they see it too?

2) The Advisory Board meeting is tomorrow morning at 11:00. Money-wise and support-wise – this meeting is important.  Casey, the manager at The Lighthouse in San Angelo, told me how they do not really have the support of their board and so, it is very difficult to get things accomplished sometimes. I pray that does not happen with us.  Please pray that God will reveal the importance of our new ministry venture to the board members, and each of their possible roles in it!

3) Thursday Night @ the Warehouse – we have been meeting for the past 3 Thursdays and it has been great.  God has met us each time!

Honestly, each week I pray that some of the young adults and others from the Army will show up. Some have, and some have personally told me they will come but are busy Thursday nights, and I appreciate that beyond words!  I don’t mean to lay any guilt out there, and if it seems I’ve ever done that to anyone, I apologize profusely! Its just that I see people who want and need something (and may not even realize it) to really be a part of…that is beyond themselves, that is spiritually fulfilling. Meeting together with other believers in a non-threatening atmosphere to pray and lift up our praise and concerns…what is better for refreshment and your relationship with God? God never fails to meet us where we are at!!! 

I do thank those who are praying for this ministry…maybe not physically with us, but on their own.  It’s truly making a difference!   

As of right now…that’s about it.  A LOT on my mind and heart (and not just work stuff, personal stuff that is really getting in the way of me giving my utmost to His Highest, but I’m getting into the practice of giving it ALL to God!  I pray you are too!

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    Kim, you know that you and the student center are frequently in my thoughts which I’m hoping God knows more often than not are prayers.  I know this to be true, it is about God, his timing, his plan.  And I know how often he likes to prove this by things not always working like we think they will.  Passion can be contagious and you will demonstrate your passion for ministry to this board.  God will use it as he will, when he will and HE will be glorified! I am so excited for you and hate I can’t be physically closer to visit.  I saw the pics and it’s just great. 


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah God didn’t call me to medicine…hes calling me to law school. That’s just as bad!!!
    Lets see I work MWF from 9-5. I have night class M. T class then church stuff. W free after 5. T class, free after 2. F free after 5. Yup that’s the schedule. Hit up my cell.


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