Quick Update: Jake was not able to attend the meeting yesterday because he was held up at another meeting.  We are rescheduling.  Dave Haupt came and visited the warehouse with me. He caught the vision.  Rock on!

We had our prayer meeting last night.  It was cool cause we did a phone conference with the leader of this amazing Ybor City ministry. A group of about 7-10 go down to Ybor on Friday and Saturday evenings, pray together and then go out and relationally evangelize to the employees of Ybor.  We heard about what has been going on with them, especially with their experience last Saturday night at the Knight Parade.  It was amazing…the prayer time was amazing too.  I read Psalm 37, as it had been on my heart from my blog entry.

Tonight I’m taking Elyse to the Youth for Christ Youth Rally in St. Pete. I’m going to support YFC and just to see what its all about.  I’m excited…a bunch of teens at a youth rally…ROCK ON!

Have a great weekend ….peace…

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