I agree with Bono!

I agree with Bono on a number of things, but last night he was completely correct in saying that this Grammys was the best one that he’s ever been to.  I enjoyed almost every moment of it.  The only part I could have really done without was the much anticipated performance of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.  Does Lopez speak Spanish fluently, cause sure didn’t sound like she did last night!  Also it was fun to see Jars of Clay chillin in the audience next to Cyndi Lauper! Rock on man!

Anyway…nothing really to write about today…just glad I can rest in the knowledge that Jesus loves me.  God is in control. The Holy Spirit is guiding my steps.

Happy Monday…oh yea, and Happy Heart Day too.

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    same here with the lopez/anthony thing.  There were some highlights, better than in recent years but some stuff I’m just getting too old for.  what’s with the attitude on the acceptance from that kanye dude and what’s up with Billy Joe from Green Day?  And no matter hard Gwen Stephanie seems to try to look bad with her wardrobe choices, she just can’t.  That was an awesome duet with Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys though.


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