I’m giddy today…I love being giddy!

I met with Mjr. Bratcher and Mjr. Mikles today (he is the Divisional S.A.M.S. representative in FL).  We also did a quick run through of the warehouse.  Yet another who has seen it! Every time I bring someone over there and it just excites me.  We had a great lunch – empowering words, encouragement, new ideas, and confirmation that GOD IS WORKING through the S.A.M.S. program!

I also called Kathy and Jason to say hello.  They are 2 great new people in the division every needs to meet!  They are S.A.M.S. in Tallahasee and they’re awesome!  Okay and , yea, as I’m writing this, I have gotten a phone call from Albert.  He was my prayer partner at the end of the SAMS week in ATL.  He wa checking up on me and wanted to know if there was any way he could prayer for me.  Wow God…you’re amazing!

Just one funny thing…When we were at the warehouse last week, Ben saw this faded spray painted image on the wall and thought it looked like Jesus…lol.  Its actually an “A”, but maybe I could sell that piece of concrete on Ebay?! Intriquing! 

Here’s another quote from The Vision and the Vow…

“the very wounds we expect to disqualify us from God’s vision for our lives are often the very failures that position us to be called and used powerfully.” Amen and Amen to that…I’m weak, I’m a scaredy-cat, I’m not very outgoing with people I meet on the street or in a store, I worry, I am unhealthy, I spend money that’s not really mine when it comes down to it, I let my nerves get the best of me most of the time…but GOD has placed me where all of those bad qualities can be washed away and His glory can be found…I’m not doing any of this guys!  He is.  And somehow He’s allowed me to enjoy the ride!

Enjoy the ride! Peace…Hope to see you tonight at the warehouse : 7:30!

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