Two things rumbling in my head….Ed and Third Day

I could not, for the life of me, fall asleep last night. I decided to get up and check out some of my old VHS tapes to see shows I’d taped in the past.  Well, I ended up watching a full episode of ED.  If you know me well enough, you know my FAVORITE show was Ed….I don’t think anything will top it for me!  Ed and Friends were the shows I HAD to watch…that ended last season.  There was a light-ness to the show that made it like no other…funny, interesting but still clean. I miss Ed…I miss Tom Cavanagh.  [I was just informed by Ben and Luke that its now playing on TBS at noon….lunch break baby!]

I decided to listen to the ONLY good praise and worship CD by Third Day, Offerings (the first one…they should stopped there). I love their old stuff…its a lot more southern rock and the lyrics hit home more. My two favorite songs are Consuming Fire and Love Song.  Here’s some lyrics baby… [this song is something I need to listen to daily these days…honestly, I’m really struggling with the whole being single thing recently…this song puts things into the correct perspective]

Love Song
I’ve heard it said that a man would climb a mountain
Just to be with the one he loves
How many times has he broken that promise
It has never been done.
I’ve never climbed the highest mountain
But I walked the hill of calvary

Just to be with you, I’d do anything
There’s no price I would not pay
Just to be with you, I’d give anything
I would give my life away.

I’ve heard it said that a man would swim the ocean
Just to be with the one he loves
How may times has he broken that promise
It can never be done
I’ve never swam the deepest ocean
But I walked upon the raging sea

I know that you don’t understand
the fullness of My love
How I died upon the cross for your sins
And I know that you don’t realize
how much that I gave you
But I promise, I would do it all again.

Just to be with you, I’ve done everything
There’s no price I did not pay
Just to be with you, I gave everything
Yes, I gave my life away.

That’s about it on those random thoughts…I’ll be writing about the warehouse later….Peace

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  1. RageBeFire says:

    Oh, ED, how I miss thee! Such a great show. It should come back.
    I love the song You’re Everywhere. The first time I heard that song it brought me to my k-nees. I love it.


  2. hudsondmc says:

    totally agree about the praise/worship album stuff.  You need to check out Tribe.  I’ve no idea if there stuff is available for mass marketing but I saw them at Emergent and WOW!  I bought their c.d. there.  They are from a church called LA Tribe and you can go to that website for possibly more info.  The music is mostly percussion…all kinds…with some vocals that have a sort of celtic me anyway.  Live the vocals were far more minimal than on the c.d.  I guess they put things into a more marketable package but still quite good. 


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