The Dove Award nominations came out and here is the link to see all the noms.  Its pretty exciting to see amazing artists like Switchfoot, Bethany Dillon and David Crowder Band up for numerous awards!  Hopefully the Dove Awards will actually be shown on T.V. before 2006 comes around!

Warehouse stuff:

As a lay awake last night, with thoughts swirling around in my head, I finally decided to write down a list of previously surreal (and still sorta is) ideas. I wrote down a list of speakers, bands, artists…performers to have at the Back Door!  Holy Wow…for a looong time, I have dreamed of being to hold concerts, meet artists, get to know the backstage version of what it all takes to put on these amazing concerts….and I’m actually getting to do it.  I know it may still be a while for some of the bigger names that I listed, but it doesn’t hurt to dream….I wouldn’t be where I am if I stopped myself from thinking and dreaming too much!  You want to see my starting list?  Do you want to add your own people?  Do it up man…post a comment and tell me some ideas you have!


            K.P. Westmoreland (he already told me he would)

Erwin McManus

Louis Giglio



            David Crowder Band

            Jars of Clay

            Relient K


            Quality local bands





            Kevin Max

Derek Webb

            Charlie Hall

            Marty and Phil

            Bethany Dillon

            Quality Hip Hop artist – Grits

            Andy Hunter

The Jesus Painter



            Art Exhibits

            Open Mic Night

            Retreat Weekends


A couple quotes from The Vision and The Vow…and then I’m off…

Live in the exciting spontaneity of God’s leading.


Satan’s annoyance is almost as great as God’s joy.


“The glory of God is man fully alive, and the life of man is the vision of God.”

 – St Irenaeus


While my vision – the Christian vision – is Christ, His vision is….


Oh I’ll write the rest of that quote tomorrow and dive into it! J Peace…          


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey love.  I got xanga…..can you believe it?  Call me sometime to hang out.


  2. Hey Kim, can you give me your email address ?


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