Here’s a little more on the string of thought from yesterday….

I found this in my journal from May 12, 2004 (when I was in the midst of telling my corps family and youth group members I was leaving Clearwater):

I know this is temporal.

Keep me strong – and weak.

Cautious in my step – but

Confident in my calling.

Know when to talk –

And when to shut my mouth.

Speak through me

So I don’t talk.

Break me

So I can’t put myself back together.

Amazing how your train of thought doesn’t change all that much.  There is also this great article by Dan Haseltine in Relevant this month. I always ALWAYS love to read his work – whether in books, Relevant or Jars’ lyrics! Here’s some highlights…

“[We] want to know and to be known….

The world begins with community, and it changes through community…

they are relationships that bring us to the end of ourselves and make us need the story of redemption to keep breaking into our selfish hearts and destroy our controlling tendencies…

a non-Christian friend’s view of the Church: the Church was like a battered woman. The more bruises she had, the more make-up she would put on. Eventually, she would start looking artificial, and people would stop caring about her. Her looks alone would alienate her from the rest of the community…

What if we changed [the song “They Will Know We are Christians by Our Love”] to, “They Will Know We are Christians by Our Mistakes”? “They Will Know We are Humans by Our Scars”? They will know we are people in need of Jesus because of the ways we fail at love.”

* These are just quotes from the article, but I think they are so poignant…especially the description of the Church.  Wow…makes you think, right?

I’m out of the office for the rest of the day…but I do hope to see some of you tomorrow night at the warehouse in Ybor. Its the first official activity there and I’m really excited about it. If you need directions or want to know more, call me at the corps tomorrow or on my cell.



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  1. i suppose that all who are mission-minded should pray that prayer, and always want to be those things no matter what the phase of your mission.  too often we don’t find the balance between overconfidence and fear, and we speak so much that our own voice drowns out God’s. 
    you seem to be taking huge strides and i am praying for your work!  it is so obvious that your labor stems from your love for people, and that your goal is to save souls for the kingdom.  don’t be discouraged… are on the right track and your dream is on its way.
    realized that i haven’t seen you in a long, long time.  maybe that will change soon.


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