Happy Monday!

I found an interesting article in the St. Pete Times from earlier this month. It is about a local churchgiving away a 2003 H2 Hummer in the coming weeks. Here’s the link to the article: http://www.sptimes.com/2005/01/10/Hillsborough/Church_s_Hummer_prize.shtml

I want to know what your guy’s thoughts are about this article.  I’ll write more about it later this week.


My weekend was nice…busy, but nice.  Hung out with my parents on Friday night( I got my mom sucked into the Phantom spell…lol), went to Anita and Jonathan’s wedding shower on Saturday morning (I can’t believe they’ll be married in a month!!!!!  Its gonna be fun!), got my hair cut in the afternoon then had a late lunch and shopping with my mom. Sunday went better than expected…it was my first time teaching Corps Cadets in Tampa. Anita handed me the batton. Pray for this new part of my being a part of the congregation.  Its weird cause I’ve been so used to Clearwater…weird in a good way though.

Heather and I went and saw Phantom again yesterday afternoon.  It was , once again, beautiful…thought-provoking and we sang our hearts out(or at least mouthed the words..lol).

Today’s been just busy work.  This week for me, is focused on Thursday night.  We will have our first young adult activity at the warehouse!  Be in pray for that!  I’ll write more tomorrow!

God Bless the rest of your day! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kim .. I think we should take a picture of our 25 year old belly’s and post it on our Xanga so people can lust over it……LOL


  2. ray_de_sol says:

    I do have an older brother named Dave. I don’t know how you’d know him though. He’s working at a corps in East St. Louis, IL now. How’d you meet him? It is pretty interesting how being in the inter-Army entitles you to know more people than you think you know. Later. -Diane-


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