Wondrous Deliverer! Sin-forgiving Saviour!

Cleanser of hearts! Unfailing friend and guide!

No one has ever trusted unavailing,

No one has claimed of his love and been denied.


I have this amazing song on repeat. I just don’t know sometimes why it’s so hard for some to come to Christ.  I understand that there are many who do not know Him at all….some that have not even heard His name spoken…..but then there’s those that just can’t seem to want to grasp the joy, peace, hope, continuity…..LOVE that Jesus brings into our lives!  I pray for those who do not know Him…truly know Him. 

What an amazing, beautiful relationship I have with Him.  Sometimes I wonder why I allow myself to get so bogged down in the fact that I see noone in the picture to spend the rest of my life with.  Ridiculous, really!

Continuity…always ALWAYS with me….always reliable…loyal….UNFAILING friend….Lover of my soul.

Thank You….thank you.


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