Today is a good day…I’m not as overly excited and talkative about the Groban experience as I was yesterday (sorry Ben and Luke for that…lol), but I still can’t stop listening to his cds.  If any of you happen to watch Troy, Josh sings the theme in the final credits.  He sang it at the concert and it was beautiful. [BTW Jen: See sometimes it pays off to wait after a concert!  Someday man…we will meet Tomlin ,or whomever you wish, together! LOL Miss you too!]

Anyhoo…I will be adding more pictures from the concert today or tomorrow for all you Groban fans. (I’m have a few meetings today, so it may have to wait) People can make fun, but he’s beyond talented and will be around for a long time to come.

On the work front: I’m meeting with Jake English this afternoon at Idlewild.  He is the college ministries director at Idlewild.  I am mainly going to spread the word about what is happening in Ybor. We also need as much prayer coverage as possible…I could say i’m going out to round up the troops for battle.  Rock on…I like thinking bout it like that! I’ll let you know about that meeting tomorrow. I’ve been working on the flyer for Thursday night at the Warehouse (that’s what I’m calling it for now) and that will be mailed out by Monday. Can’t wait!

The coolest thing that has happened though is hearing what Major told me yesterday in our meeting.  First off, I am FINALLY going to meet the owner of the warehouse (his name is Tom…he is allowing Youth for Christ to use his building for God’s work). Major called Tom on Tuesday to set up a meeting and Tom’s wife said that he was reading MY proposal for the student center the other day and, while he read through it, tears were welling up in his eyes!  Wow!

God, only You know what’s happening.  Please allow us to see Your vision and get past all the worldly and personal ideas, visions and concerns for this place!

Happy Thursday!

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