Last night was an amazing experience!

Traffic was crazy getting to the forum, but after we parked and got to our seats, it was great.  Chris Botti was the opener.  He’s a very talented trumpet player…what we heard of him was great, but of course we were there for Josh! 

No words to describe what a beautiful voice.  He’s way cute and cheezy too. I’m reading some of the message boards on his site about the concert and its just really funny what people pick up on…especially the ladies!  LOL.  But, do you want to know the best part of last night??????

I MET JOSH AFTER!  I waited patiently (while Heather did not and went to get the car…people were sauing he already left on the first bus)…and he came out on the last bus.  He got off the bus and patiently signed autographs, took pictures, hugged, chatted and thanked us.  I got him to sign the only thing I could grab out of my purse at the time…a dollar bill.  LOL…he was like, “You know this is illegal?” I said, “I don’t care!” He smiled and thanked me….I said, “God Bless.” He went on his way.  A small moment, but memorable for me. Very memorable.  As Heather asked me this morning…yes, I am on cloud nine today! Here is the only picture I have found by a fan so far (up in the profile pic).  All put anymore that I find. 

Man…what a night!

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