HOLY COW!  So, I found some more fan pictures from the concert last night and I’m in one of the pics!  LOl…it proves (a little bit) that I was outside backstage with Josh.  I hope you’ll be able to see the picture….

This corner is my nose!

Is that not hilarious??!!! 

Another outside photo!

Here’s one from the concert…

There’s you go…wow wow wow


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  1. JenMusic says:

    Your entry made me giggle. In an internet cafe in Thailand, I am sitting here looking at pics of Josh Groban and giggling. How hilarious is that? And I’m how old, again?
    The theme of Guavaween – ugh. I will be thinking about you getting reayd for that. You are such an encouragement to me, you know that, right?
    I miss you, Kim. I had a dream the other night (I’ve been having VERY strange dreams here, maybe it’s the Thai food?). We lived in a cool apartment together, with a loft kitchen that was beautiful, and Ben and Nathan came over to see it. Really strange, but it felt so real.
    Talk to you later!


  2. wow…nice pictures Kim ! Honestly I think I will come back to this entry over and over again just to look at him…
    Thank you for your comment.
    Love ya.


  3. hudsondmc says:

    YOU’RE hilarious!  I stole Kelly’s line to and sent to a friend of mine.  hmmmm those are great pics.  Hey, it’s almost time for Wed chapel at the ARC here and our guy is in there playing the TYI c.d.  Pretty cool I think.


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