So…I found this on the Quavaween website.  For those of you who don’t know what Quavaween is, it is the annual Halloween celebration in Ybor City that attracts roughly 100,000 people. Basically…it CRAZY!  By the theme of this year’s festival…I think you can catch my drift. The great thing is…WE WILL BE READY FOR IT this year!

Quavaween is just one aspect of Ybor that is of concern, I guess you could say. For the next few weeks, they will have the hugely popular Gasperilla celebration.  This is not as “dark” as Quavaween can get, but there still is thousands of people that sworm Ybor during festivities and parades.  Guys, this is our mission field! So many people don’t know Christ, and don’t have hope as we do. 

This morning, Ben, Luke and I went down to the warehouse.  It was an ordained appointment, as Bill (Youth for Christ) commented.  He prayed earlier this morning that there be messengers of God sent to the warehouse…and we showed up just a few short hours later. The 4 of us prayed together, Bill shared how this has all come up with Ben and Luke, he showed us around the warehouse, we prayed around the property as we felt led and then we discussed what God had shared with us.  Just standing there, knowing that 2 more people were catching the vision of this place, exciting me beyond explanation. 

We are now planning on having a Thursday night “thing” at the warehouse in the Upper Room.  I’m telling you, God planned this.  There is one room that is upstairs…and carpeted! So…we will start this next Thursday, February 3rd.  More details to come.

God is working….Its so amazing!  I feel like I could just frolic around, singing “Lalalala, God is cool! Lalalala, He makes me smile!  Lalalala!” REPEAT!  Okay, I’ll stop.

God Bless ya…tell you about Joshy in the A.M. baby!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ::Sighs:: Josh Groban… such a hottie


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