I want to know if you all agree with this list. Just a quick response of yes or no…and why, if you feel like writing more….would be fabulous! THANKS MUCH!

Busters (what the twenty-something generation is called by research companies) will:

1. Attend churches that have a clear focus, narrowly defined vision, and assertive commitment to accomplish their mission.

2. Attend churches where worship services are shorter, well designed, and have good flow and tempo.

3. Attend churches that have a loud, upbeat, faster pop music sound.

4. Attend churches that win their loyalty every Sunday through excellent ministry.

5. Attend churches that focus on local ministry rather than on ministry in faraway places.

6. Give money to churches where they can see their money achieving results.

7. Volunteer for ministry activities that are short-term.

8. Volunteer and minister to confront practical issues in their community.

9. Attend churches that help them sort out the hurts in their lives through practical issues in their community.

10. Come to Christ through need-based ministries that deal with the hurts and internal issues they are facing.

—Adapted from Make Room for the Boom…or Bust by Gary L. McIntosh (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1997) 46. Used by permission.

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    been away the last week but so very glad to read that God is reminding you how BIG he is in working with the student center – how completely awesome that news is.  hmmm….I agree with much of the Busters church stuff.  Add to that they are looking for a church that is inclusive to everyone, no class structure here.  Very much agree they are focused on local missions, how the church is relevant in our own community; really putting feet to the good news.  I’m going to a conference in a few weeks on the Emerging Church.  Should expand my thoughts on a lot.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I think a lot of that is true. A lot of it stems from the fact that we have such fast-paced lives these days, so we really like to streamline the time we have to spend in church. We want to get the highest number of benefits out of the least amount of time spent. Plus it needs to be entertaining—we can’t do anything in this country unless it has a modicum of entertainment value to it! Silly people…


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