Just some funny, random news…(check out Relevantmagazine.com for more!)

AFP reports that Samsung Electronics said it has developed the world’s first mobile phone with motion-recognition capabilities—which means the SCH-S310 phone allows users to dial phone numbers by waving the phone in the air in the shape of digits and symbols instead of pressing a keypad. Users can also delete unsolicited text messages by shaking the phone up and down (etch-a-sketch style). Imagine being in a crowded bus trying to dial a bunch of 8’s …

 For whatever reason the word(s) of the year was red/blue/purple states. I get that its the whole election thing, but its still dumb. BUT, here’s a cool site to check out if you like learning new words for a good game of Balderdash.  http://www.doubletongued.org/

If you’ve heard about something weird and interesting in the news, let me know!

More later…what I learned at The Tree last night, questions about God working in non-Christian’s lives and a deep thought dedicated to Ms. Jennifer Hoosier.

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