Still being haunted by the Phantom….went and saw Patrick Wilson in concert last night.  He plays Raoul in the film (pictured left). The concert was wonderful!  He’s a hometown boy, raised here in Tampa Bay and his brother and dad are anchors on Fox 13 News.  He has such an amazing voice…just enough vibrato and strength but also very warm and tender when the song calls for it.  Not bad to look at either. LOL…my review is over! 


Student Center Update:

(from now on I’m going to write these updates in green)

I met with Major Mikles this afternoon. He looked over the proposal I have been working on FOREVER. He gave me a few pointers, but overall, he thought it was good. He told me some about his lunch with Bill, all positive. The main thing that is next is Major is setting up a time for the three of us to meet and discuss the student center before the end of the week. Wow…the realizations keep rolling over me!


Please pray for this meeting and for my words to be guided by God’s moving! 


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