Today I’m still revelling in the beauty and mystery of the Phantom of the Opera film.  I saw it with Lee and Elin on Saturday night and, just like the haunting music, I’m constantly seeing the images of the film. I don’t know if many of you would agree with me on how amazing this film turned out to be, but I loved it!  I’m getting the soundtrack later this week. Beautiful!

I had a great weekend with family and friends, but now I look forward to meeting with Mjr. Mikles to find out about the warehouse and ROOTS starting Thursday night with the prayer concert. I’m really excited about what this weekend has to hold for those of us meeting together, and for those that will not be making it over. The discussion continues and God will keep moving in the Army! Amen!

I’ll keep you all updated about the building…please keep ROOTS, the continued relief efforts in Asia and the student center in your prayers!

God Bless your Socks off Today! 

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  1. Hey Kim, long time. I read The Lovely Bones…man, that is a wacked out book. Let me know what you think!  I enjoy reading your blog and I hope you are doing well!


  2. RageBeFire says:

    Yeah, it’s actually called The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. It has considerable differences from the musical/movie. But we can’t expect it to be all the same. The basic storyline is the same.


  3. RageBeFire says:

    Everybody is going to see the movie. I don’t need to, but I want to so badly! I listen to the soundtrack constantly. The musical was amazing. The book (original early 1900’s) is great.
    My favorite musical ever! I love it.
    Hey, he’s just misunderstood…
    Enjoy ROOTS. 


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