It’s Friday!

I get inspired a lot these days… by reading other’s blogs, reading Relevant, getting into some of the books I’ve been trying to read all the way through (Unlike Jen, I cannot finish an entire book in one sitting!), having long conversations with friends, taking bike rides on the trail in the back of my complex, etc.  I picked up the new War Cry (yes, yes I did!) this morning and began to read the article by Commissioner Israel Gaither on pg. 11. It inspired something in me…well, it added onto to the ever-growing reason behind my job.

Here is the last portion of the article for those that do not pick up the War Cry or can’t get a copy:

It’s getting dark in the world. The spiritual compass that once guided behavior is broken. We’re losing our way. And those engaging in this [Army’s] mission must be an unerring guide for others who search for hope and belief.

We’re burning lights! That’s our passion – to burn with God’s dream for His world. And caught in the flames of renewal – we’ll “keep the promises”.

* Just in case you need unerring defined (I checked myself): Committing no mistakes; consistently accurate.

Wow wow! I’m getting into “Wrestling with God” by Rick Diamond. The first chapter (very long, by the way) puts the history of our “spiritual compass” (as I connect this part with the quote) or how we, as a society, relate to our spirituality into cliff notes.  Its quite interesting to see how our relationship with God has changed throughout history. At times we’ve been fearful of Him, other times we’ve seen Him as lofty, but now seems to be the time when we’ve been most distant from Him and relied more on tangible evidence of love, acceptance and success.  There was a time when our spiritial life was a basic rule of thumb, but now our “spiritual compass is broken”.

The main thing that struck me in the War Cry article is a question. A question that I’m dealing with, we will keep on dealing with, and that needs to be in our continuing discussion as people committed to the Army’s original ideals.

What does it mean to be a missioning Salvation Army given to a dangerous world that’s uncomfortable with itself? 

Think about it.

Have a great weekend and God Bless!

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