Reposting this portion from Red Moon Rising:

“Prayer brings incredible answers to deep needs.  It can lead to genuine breakthroughs in calling people, villages and cities back to God.  But the most important thing that any prayer, or prayer room, from Alaska to Australia can provide is a place where you and I can study His features, find comfort in His love, learn to recognize His quiet voice, seek His advice, and pour out our childish hearts to Him.  In the prayer room, we pick up God’s mannerisms; we grow in His likeness.  We actually become the answer to many of our prayers.  And of course that’s the greatest miracle of all.”

* Italics done by me because thiose are AWESOME points!

So, I’m back on my 24/7 Prayer kick….well, I’ve been on it for a while, but with ROOTS coming up next week (Can you believe its next week?!) and the my creative juices working with ideas for the set up of the student center building, I am very conscience of how important this room is going to be. Of course the room is not the important part, it is the very act that will take place in it. “It can lead to genuine breakthroughs in calling people, villages and cities back to God.” I 110% believe this to be truth!

Guys…with all of your help, both physically at the student center when it comes to fruition and through the prayers across the country, Ybor City and Tampa can be turned over to Christ! Am I be too bold to say a revival can and will occur if we stick to our guns and pray our hearts out? Pray our hearts out…that’s a pretty cool statement.

People, please get on board with this! Write a reminder to yourself daily, weekly or even monthly to cry out to God for the college students of Tampa to be brought back to Him. It does not matter if it happens through the works of the Army, Idlewild or a preacher on a street corner…it just needs to happen.  I just know that God has called me to step up with the Salvation Army’s backing and do something about it.

Can you feel it? Can you sense it? God is calling you from whereever you are to bring His people back.

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